About Cindy


Inspired by the world around me, I live for new experiences and believe strongly in the need for constant, personal growth. As an accomplished creative professional with over 17 years of consumer facing design experience and over 11 years in management, I come equipped with a pixel perfect eye, strong leadership skills and the ability to balance a humanistic managerial style with business driven outcomes. I am an incredibly fast learner, and a patient mentor. My key strengths include: designing across platforms, animation, illustration, creative direction, brainstorming, managing and mentoring large design teams, relationship building, communicating, and problem solving.

Fun Facts


//  I almost always have a smile on my face    I am a design and typography aficionado    I have a serious obsession with palindromes    I love taking pictures of anything and everything    I've been told I have an infectious laugh    I love traveling and experiencing new cultures    I am obsessed with concerts and Broadway shows    I knew at the age of six that I wanted to have a career in art    I have been a Mac addict and tech nerd since the age of nine    I enjoy walking along the Hudson River every day; it is my happy place    I have vast collections of Kidrobot Dunnys, Yummy World Food Plush and art  //



"I had the pleasure of managing Cindy who was the Creative Director on my team across all of IAC Applications' B2C consumer apps. Cindy had the arduous task of developing high quality content across 100+ applications, managing a large team of designers in an extremely fast-paced environment. Cindy is a rare manager and leader, who is forthright, compassionate with a dose of "tough love" thrown in to get things done. She had a complicated portfolio which required many juggling pieces and interfacing with product managers, engineers and management. She was an excellent executor who worked well under pressure and knew how to prioritize tasks. More importantly, she is a wonderful person and is well regarded within her team and externally. I was extremely lucky to have her on my team and know she will be a tremendous asset to any future employer."

- Michelle Lee, General Manager & Product Executive


"Cindy Barry is a rare find. Besides being incredibly skilled and professional, she has a warmth, spirit, and willingness to go above and beyond that makes her instantly everyone's favorite person. She embodies so many of the qualities that I believe make a strong leader, worker, and friend. Her passion and dedication played an integral role in many of IAC Applications' successes over the years."

- Stacy Lasner, Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility Expert


"Cindy is such a talented Creative Director that for the more than 100 pieces I had her team make, I never once had a change. In fact, and I can't believe I'm going to admit this, it really got to a point where I just knew I didn't even have to look at the work: of course it was going to be perfect. Due to how our teams were structured, every once in awhile I'd get a glimpse of her direction. Her tone was always respectful with an extraordinary eye for detail, but most importantly, she always made her designers feel valued. If you ever have the chance to hire Cindy, do it. You're not going to find a more talented individual anywhere."

- Karen Horn, Audience Development Specialist


"Cindy is an inspiring creative leader and solid decision-maker who excels at guiding her team to develop pixel-perfect designs and innovative interactive products that entertain audiences and get results. Having worked for her both directly and indirectly, I always admired her ability to maintain the artistic integrity of the designs she was responsible for, while simultaneously ensuring that business goals and product needs were met. This can be a tough balance to strike, but it's second nature to her. She was easy to work with, as she was able to envision alternate solutions to tricky problems, but was open to considering other ideas that were brought to the table. Cindy is highly regarded by her staff and superiors alike, and can always be trusted to do what's in the best interests of the company. Her amazing eye for detail, innate sense of style, and ability to view a project from all perspectives have helped raise the bar of nearly every creative endeavor I've known her to be involved with. Any company would be extremely lucky to have her on board. Highly recommend!"

- Joanne Downey, Digital Design & Branding Specialist


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